Outsourced Business Services (ARM)

Mintex takes the hassle out of accounts receivables management, asset recovery, monitoring your customer payment plans, and handling all aspects of your customer self-pay billing programs. This way, your team can focus on revenue management. Mintex provides fully-compliant third-party collection recovery services across a wide array of industries.

First-Party Collections
Third-Party Collections
Outstanding Compliance Track Record
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Integration
Advanced Proprietary Analytics
Quality Assurance Controls
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We provide timely, accurate and complete recovery of a wide range of public & private debt

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced, proprietary analytics, we collect outstanding revenue with an unwavering commitment to compliance and customer service.
To protect our client’s information and our continued operations, we have developed extensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans.
Mintex applies outstanding quality assurance controls to ensure winning client results.

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A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

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